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Noel Donaldson

Noel Donaldson

Noel Donaldson:
The tools that Noel Donaldson uses to create art vary from time to time. He is just as comfortable with a graphite pencil as he is with a paintbrush or palette knife.
There is however, a consistent thread that runs through each of his pieces. Noel is a self-taught artist but fully understands the work ethic and commitment involved in artistic growth and excellence. Noel's work consists of acrylic paintings on large canvas, larger mixed media pieces on canvas and recycled, distressed denim doll sculptures, which he refers to as his "Ancestral stitching".
Hugely influenced by the color pallets, structure and societal meaning of the great Mexican Muralist's, Noel is also influenced by the aggressive styles of the New York Neo-Expressionistic art scene in the 1980's. Noel was raised by a Jamaican mother in the South Bronx, in a mainly Latin American community. At a young age, he was exposed to the hieroglyphics of street graffiti. One can see where both the cultural and artistic expression of his neighborhood would play a significant role in his artistic sensibility.
Art collectors and art lovers from all over the world have purchased Noel’s artwork. The artist has cultivated a steady group of collectors, whom not only purchase the artwork, but also champion his artistic voice. He has been working tirelessly over the past 2 years to create a collective body of work that is both cohesive and unique. Although there is a sense of a moral undertone running through each of Noel's art pieces, the self-righteousness and indictment of an opposing opinion, does not override the artistic beauty of the work. "Most people do not want to be preached at or guilt tripped by art. The difficultly for an artist who is attempting to take a stance, lies in the ability to get your point across and elicit a provoking thought, while still maintaining an aesthetic style". The need to represent a voice to those who may go voiceless in our society, appears to be the driving force behind the art pieces.
Noel hopes to achieve his dream of being a well-respected and collected artist. Noel is currently seeking gallery representation and looks forward to working with galleries that have a professional and business oriented approach to the business of selling art.
Most recently, Noel took part in the Blue Door Art Gallery show in Yonkers New York, The Project Brownstone Art gallery show in Harlem and The Pool Art Fair in New York City. In each of these shows he sold several pieces and was asked to join multiple group shows.
Noel's most recent work can be viewed on his Instagram page at This site will allow you to view Noels artwork from a progressive view point of sketches, structure and completed.

Noel can also be contacted via email at [email protected]