Thank you for believing in me - without you -  nothing can happen it takes a collective working together 
from my heart thank you for your hard work , support, and love!

Lisa DuBois

Graham Button- Editor Mardi Gras Traditions

Lisa DuBois often finds herself drawn to the zone between fantasy and reality, Seeking out performances and festivities in which participants transition from the prosaic into the transcendent “fantasy moment”.
Reality and fantasy go hand in hand with her artistic creativity.

from the book Mardi Gras Subculture - collectors item 

Graham Button - editor Mardi Gras Traditions

Pradeep Maheswari -   curator. French / India exposition in Nice France. Product design and Development, Published author.

Lisa's  photographs often catch the glimpse of the emotions at play in the scene making them come alive. My favorites are her Kathak Dancer and Woman doing Chaat Pooja which were selected and exposed at the exhibition held in Nice, France in Dec-Feb 2011.

Pradeep Maheswari

from the exhibition (Colors of India )  Nice , france 

Jonathan Weiss - Lawyer - collector

     This exhibit ( Old Harlem New Harlem )  is not only aesthetically impressive but important historically. Well thematically presented, it highlights an underappreciated cultural expression. Students should be encouraged to immerse themselves in it while the rest of us celebrate it beauty and value.

Jonathan A. Weiss  [email protected] 

Diane Staver  Ai Instructor, painter    

Lisa has the gift of capturing people as they are, not posed, but natural. People trust Lisa behind the lens and it shows in their willingness to be who they are. She captures their dignity and humanness. Lisa has be building on her years of experience and continues to grow as an artist. It will be exciting to continue to follow her development.

Diane Staver     

Playthell Benjamin > Historian of Black Culture , Radio personality, writer, Professor of History 

 There are several things that that distinguish Lisa’s photography for me: It has a narrative feel to it i.e. tells a story; she has a deep interest in the religious ritual in various cultures – how they worship God, and she has a fine eye for beauty.  One gets the feeling that for Lisa a photograph must not only be interesting…but beautiful. Like the late great photographer of the Harlem Renaissance James Vander Zee – who created art while running a commercial studio - Lisa DuBois is always the artist. Part of this can be explained by the fact that some photographers are artist and others are technocrats.  It is a matter of both sensibility and ambition.

Playthell Benjamin

 Writer for    Commentaries on the Times

 Blaine Kern - Owner of Mardi Gras world- known as Mr. Mardi Gras 

 I am a collector of Lisas wonderful  Mardi Gras work.  I love Sutton Gallery and happy to find Lisas work there 

owner of    -

Kehinde Dada (Visual Artist)

Kehinde  DadaKehinde DadaDADA KEHINDE
Artist Dada Kehinde is an indigenous Nigerian visual artist, hails from Eruwa, Ibarapa East Local Government area of Oyo State, born in 1971. He studied painting and decoration in Government Technical College Saki, Oyo state, Nigeria, Fine Art (ND) – The Polytechnic Ibadan, Eruwa. Arts, Graphics and Printing Technology (HND) – The Polytechnic Ibadan, Ibadan.
He's a recipient of the best Artist of the year Award – 1995, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Eruwa, also the best copper of the year Award 1999. NYSC Kaduna State.
He is the former General Secretary - Society of Nigerian Artists, SNA FCT as well as the current chairman Association of Professional Creative Artists and Designers in Nigeria (APCAD FCT ) known for his use of visual art as an educational tool with which he tackles corruption and other societal vices, his art has been found to be an efficient communication tool and also cuts across a number of potential barriers such as language and culture.
He was the creative art consultant for Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity on her campaign against irregular migration, he voluntarily organised a Solo art Exhibition for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture on its 'fish for all' project - Aug. 2006 Le Meridien Hotel now Nicon Luxury Hotel, he was the Coordinating visual Artist for the Pictorial Exhibitions organized by National Library of Nigeria both for its Nigeria at 50 - Oct. 2011 ( Musa Ya’adua Centre C.B.D and centenary celebration (National Library, Area 2, Garki Abuja, as well as the coordinating artist for the Nigeria Tourism, Cultural & Economic Development Summit's Art Exhibition, Abuja 2014- International Conference Centre event park, who equally as the Society of Nigerian Artists FCT's General Secretary was part of the team leaders that led artists from Nigeria to Art Expo New York, United States of America – Pier 94. April, 2014 and April 2015. He is known to be the inventor of acrylic on Lithographic plate .
Dada Kehinde is presently practicing in New York, United States of America.

When imagination which is - the eye of an artist that sees the invisible, the ear that hears the inaudible and the heart that thinks the unthinkable triumph over intelligence, then, beauty is created. 'There's no creation without a Creator, and there can never be a world without an Artist'

To the best of my knowledge, X Gallery, under the curatorial leadership of Lisa DuBois has been a blessing to the world of arts and artists by its un-relented efforts in promoting art and artists (both emerging talent and already established artists) to the public at large - I am a beneficiary of this, my artwork was selected among many applicants to be a part of the X Gallery's 2019 summer exhibition titled: Cultural Diversity - What a great privilege. 

The gallery has been showcasing history of different cultures, providing a snapshot of what life was like at a particular period of time and projecting what life should and will be in the future through the quality eye appealing art exhibitions that it has been known for. This effort of attracting art lovers and tourists to the art gallery and the city has in turn made the gallery a booster to the local economy.

Without a doubt, X Gallery is unique and dynamic for its style of bringing visual art and photography together under the same exhibiting roof as it ought to be, so as to educate a new generation of art appreciators and artists alike the importance and the need to flow with the current creative cloud of introducing art gallery attendees to different perspectives and ways of thinking through the viewing of this creative inter-marriage.

I am indeed proud to be associated with Lisa DuBois for her astounding determination towards reposition and promotion of art and artists for a greater height.

Kehinde Dada (Visual Artist)  April 14th, 2021

[email protected]

exhibiting artist for X Gallery 

Ceres (Diaja)  Conceptual Artist 

Diaja  PhotoArtDiaja PhotoArtDiajaDiaja Cultural Diversity ExhibitionConstantly driven by the arts Ceres Dasia Henry pursued her passion at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she began her studies to prepare for the fashion Industry. In addition to fashion Ceres had an equal love for photography, so she took a course to sharpen her natural skills and educate herself on various photographic techniques. During her education she was inspired and nurtured by mentor Norma Kamali, (F.I.T graduate, and designer featured on the Fashion Walk of Fame​). Ceres later graduated with an Associates degree in Patternmaking, and received her Bachelors in Production Management. With valuable information learned, and hands on experience from internships at Sean John, Norma Kamali, and at Poppington Gallery with her cousin Damon Dash, Ceres was equipped with the necessary tools to be a designer and an entrepreneur. With the help, encouragement, and support from her parents, (whom are both entrepreneurs), they made her dream a reality by co-founding DIAJA, (pronounced Dee-A-Jah), a line featuring quality handbags, and fine apparel. Ceres went on to produce numerous collections which opened doors for her designs to be featured with L'oreal Paris, Pynk Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Her Source (sister magazine to The Source Magazine), and worn by celebrity TV personalities. Years later in the midst of revamping her brand, Ceres decided to fully dedicate herself to photography while maintaining her previous collections strictly for press pulls. She decided to merge her love for fashion, art (painting), and photography to create a brand that would be impossible to ignore. Within 2 year of revamping her work was recognized by Vogue Italia, Huffington Post, and numerous Fashion publications. She was also scouted by an organization called RAW Artists where she was their highlighted artist for their NYC show in 2017. Ceres' photography is known for storytelling through photographic series. These series' are often inspired by current events, Black and African culture, and social disparities. ​ Her goal as a brand is to impact others, give back to her community, and give a voice and presence to those unheard, and overlooked. She prides herself in not only creative photos appealing to the eyes of her audience, but thought provoking photos that may not be as comfortable to view. Ceres' desire is that her photographic bodies of work will be remembered and noted among other great artists of all time. ​ "He can who thinks he can, and he can't who thinks he can't. This is an inexorable law." - Pablo Picasso

I met Lisa back in 2018 and I will say she played and still continues to play a major role in the advancement of my artistic career. Lisa has the eye and gift  of cultivating and nurturing talent. She has taught me so much about the art world and was one of the main reasons I have been able to successfully navigate through it. Anyone that works with Lisa should know that they are working with a gem.

Ceres (Diaja) 
  Instagram: omg_diaja__

exhibiting artist for X Gallery 

Michael Colavito -Photographer - Photo Artist 

Michael ColavitoMichael ColavitoOriginal Fine Artist with new art form and art style based on 21 Fundamental Principles of Pure Photography (the first of its kind) all created entirely without computers, illustration programs, editing (optically or digitally) and without PhotoShop. 8x10 chrome film photography - compositions often incorporate multiple exposures (sometimes up to 100) always captured on one sheet of film with no optical assemblage, masking or special effects editing of any kind - pure photography through film and light.

I, Michael Colavito, am an original artist concerned with authentic work not repeated and not copying artists before me. I can wholeheartedly attest to the truth behind Lisa Dubois' commitment to art as an artist in her own right and as curator and patron for the arts and the art community. She has proven this for many years as a gallerist in her presentation of many artists to promote their individual careers in her personal efforts to enrich people, society and the art world with new art by both upcoming and established artists. Lisa presented my work in a group exhibition and I could see for myself first hand that her commitment was genuine and forthcoming. The art world would be a far better place if more patrons like Lisa Dubois were as concerned as she is in putting art "first" ahead of their personal motives. I thank you, Lisa, for your efforts to help me and Colavito Art and for being entirely sincere as a contributing factor in a big way for the art world.

Michael Colavito -

  [email protected]

exhibiting artist for X Gallery 

Ekaterina Abramova-  painter -  healing artist 

Ekaterina AbramovaEkaterina AbramovaPainting

In my art, I am searching for Man. And my purpose is to dig that Man out and bring Him forth in each of us. My mission is to be channeling information from subtle spheres to the material worlds by using color, symbols, and images on canvas. My art helps people fine-tune their inner tuning fork, connect to their unique frequency. I am a tightrope walker balancing between the worlds, my brushes and palette in my hands, and connecting them like a bridge joining continents. Life is full of light, and every moment is a gift! My holy grail is to remain in sync with the vibrations of life. Through my art I wish to help others fine-tune their tuning fork. Art is the most powerful force capable of halting the pace of thoughts, changing the course of time and conventional reasoning. Art, for me, is — breathing. One can’t not breathe. I am here for breathing with God, and my exhale is — my paintings. Art takes in, reworks, and releases from its womb a new, more accomplished human being, — more wholesome in a wholesome world. I feel the connection and belonging to what Universe speaks about. It speaks through those who can hear and feel. An artist is a vehicle, a conductor; and his influence is enormous. As an artist, I constantly look for the unusual in each moment of life. And in that unusual, I find the inner truth that resides in all of us. It is radiant and joyful. Sometimes it’s a bit sad. But that helps us stop our constant pursuit of earthly things in this material world and look up.

Ekaterina's website product-category/symbols/

I was working with Lisa for a several years with different art exhibitions. We met when I just moved to USA NY and was exhibiting a few paintings at NY Art Fair and Lisa included my artworks at her article about the fair. It was so important to me that moment of my life! I will never forget this. She was one who give me her opinion the moment I was new in a new country

She can feel the artist’s potential and help it grow and explore. Lisa has so much love and patience for us artists and she knows how to make us to collaborate with each other’s. 

I am happy to continue work with Lisa, when the time will come. 

Love & joy. Artist Ekaterina Abramova.
Instagram @artabramova
Cell: +1 201-238-0087

exhibiting artist for X Gallery 

Audrey Anastasi - mixed media Artist - curator 

It was really a great pleasure working with you. The project was beautifully curated, beautifully installed, and professionally handled in every aspect. I say this not only as a practicing artist, honored to be included, but as a gallerist and arts advocate, who can appreciate what is necessary to organize and present exhibitions in various venues.

If you like, you may feel free to quote me at any time. Kind regards 

Audrey Anastasi 

 [email protected] 

  Robert Ross Abstract Painter - Mixed Media

Robert RossRobert RossRobert RossRobert Ross was born in North Carolina at the beginning of the turbulent era of the 1960's. His inspiration was formed there amidst the pressures and great promise of that era. His extraordinary imagination and artistic formation relegated him to a secret world that he inhabitant alone. Through dreams of color and flights into depths of thought, he was lead to express those same thoughts in paintings and music, but still afraid to let it be seen.

After supporting himself with different kinds of work and with the need to express art never ending, Robert moved to Harlem, NY hoping to integrate himself into a creative world unavailable to him in North Carolina. Soon the creativity began to flow and he started to let his work be seen, even teaching some classes.

Like all artists, Robert attempts to communicate through his work, thoughts and feelings. The work is light and hard-hearted, funny and serious, innocent and even strange at times. It is like seeing the light and darkness behind clouds.

Robert says of himself, "I often find myself going from one medium to another. In any given moment, an idea may show itself! A smile, a landscape, people, sounds and more, often form the ideas that are constantly challenging me to paint - the goal always being to interpret, express and share the feelings evoked with myself and others. At one of my shows, someone I have known for years, looked around the room with her sharp artistic eyes and pointing asked, 'You did that, what about that, that also and that, too?" I laughed at her. I am amazed too that this diverse body of work came from one person, me. Her surprise at this unknown diversity that is Robert Ross was a great compliment."

I have worked we Lisa on several project at the X Gallery and it has always been of my best experiences with galleries.  She is always attentive and focus on the project at hand and the artist best interest.  I find her totally understandable to artist needs because she also is a great artist herself. i looking for to working again, 

 Robert Ross  [email protected]

Alex G - Photo Artist moderator  single shot show  Manhattan Neighborhood network 

Alex G  PhotoartAlex G PhotoartAlex G is a photographer and the producer of the single shot show.
Single shot is a show devoted to discussion about photography with a special focus on its artistic component. In our show we are talking to artists, models, gallerists, critics and other individuals involved in the process of creating past, present and future of art photography.

The show is on the air on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) channels every Monday at 5 P.M. within Roundtable programming and on our YouTube channel.

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Dubois in the capacity of the host of the TV show, where we conducted several interviews about her work artistically as well as discussing her work as a director of X-Gallery. Over the years we have examined several collections, curated by Lisa and every time it was an excellent body of artworks, organized with care, and conceptually significant. Her approach to promoting the shows was always bringing scores of interested spectators to the events, and providing each artist with an opportunity to display his or her vision in a comprehensive and favorable way. This impression was reinforced, when I had the honor of being selected by her for some of the X-Gallery collections as one of the participating artists, and had experienced the process from an opposite side. The process of managing the show was well thought through and organized,  the display was professionally set-up and well planned. In my experience Lisa is one of the most capable, professional and passionate specialists in managing art galleries I have ever met.

Alex AG

[email protected]

Ademola Olugebefola   Artist-  Speaker - designer - Director Dwyer Cultural Center   

Confrontation limited editions Ademola OlugebefolaConfrontation limited editions Ademola OlugebefolaAdemola OlugebefolaAs a noted artist and cultural activist, he has a distinguished record of hundreds of exhibitions in major American museums,and universities and has exhibited internationally. His graphics, production and stage design experience has served The NY Public Theatre, The New Lafayette Theatre, American Place Theatre, New Heritage Theatre Group, AUDELCO, Frank Silvera Writers Workshop, Community Works, National Black Theater, New Federal Theatre, North Carolina National Black Theatre Festival, Bermuda International Arts Festival and the annual NY International Fringe Festival among others. He was on the founding committee for New York Dance Week Samples of his paintings and published graphics can be found online at Ademola Olugebefola, Legacy of a Living Artist among a multitude of sites
As an organizer, activist and educator he has represented the artistic community as a member of the Community Advisory Board of Columbia University’s Harlem Health Promotion Center; on the Board of Governors of the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop; a member of the Adam Clayton Powell Memorial /Education Committee; and as arts adviser to the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce - Harlem Week and is honored to be one of the co founders of the New York Chapter of the National Conference of artists. . Dr Olugebefola is one of the pioneering Harlem founders and former associate art director of the Harlem Arts Alliance.

Born in the US Virgin Islands and brought by his parents to mainland USA as a child, Ademola has lectured and participated in forums at leading Universities, Museums and Cultural Institutions in America and the Caribbean.
A highly respected cultural activist and renown artist whose varied work and career features are in the permanent collections of the NY Public Library for the Performing Arts; the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture; Hatch Billops Archives; Studio Museum; and scores of other American and foreign institutions including the Nigerian National Archives in West Africa and The Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, in Germany; His art, with essays and articles on his career achievements, are illustrated and noted in hundreds of media publications, books, catalogs, scholarly journals and textbooks while also featured extensively on the internet and social media. His painting and current projects include working with the Society of Caribbean Artists (SOCA); New York Metro Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolence and has recently concluded his second term as a member of the Executive Committee of the NGOs associated with United Nations DPI.

Dr. Olugebefola is a Vice President of International Communications Association the owner of the Dwyer Cultural Center: Harlem's Center for Arts Innovation in it's 10th year of operation serving Harlem and the Greater New York Community.

A short list of Recent Forums /Panel dialogue & Moderator roles in 2014 - 2015 academic year
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture / NY Public Library
Medgar Evers College, CUNY
WITNESS Touring Exhibition Forum / Brooklyn Museum
Caribbean International Business Conference NYC
New Museum /IDEAS CITY Annual Festival NYC

Cultural Equity Group NYC Summit / Riverside Theatre NYC
CaFA Educational & Business Forum / Barbados WI
Museum, Arts and Culture in the 21st Century /moderator / St. John's University
Art of Justice Conference / New York University

Ademola's Website

Working with Lisa DuBois is both a challenge and a pleasure. The challenge is - you must be prepared to give your best  towards whatever your agreed mutual goal might be - whether it be meeting a deadline or achieving high quality professional standards. A uncompromising reach for excellence in her personal art and professional endeavors fuels a passionate belief that art is a tool for healing and progress. That is the pleasure of collaborating with Ms. DuBois.

Ademola Olugebefola    ade olugebe [email protected]

exhibiting artist for X Gallery and Artontheave



Sam Kaplan  - Artist - painter - graphic designer - 

Samuel KaplanSamuel KaplanPainter Samuel Kaplan was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where he first studied fine art at the Brooklyn Museum "After-School" program. Upon graduating from Manhattans' H.S. Of Art & Design, Mr. Kaplan furthered his education receiving a B.F.A. in 1976 from Parsons School of Design, whereupon he continued his fine art studies of "European" oil painting techniques at the Art Students League.

Samuel taught design courses at Parsons School for more than decade starting in the late 1980s and subsequently became an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Since 1989 Mr. Kaplan's figurative landscapes have appeared at gallery exhibitions in Washington, D.C., Soho, Madison Avenue and on East End of Long Island, including a one-man show in 1990 at the Cafe Americano Gallery (TriBeCa, NYC), 1994 Faculty Exhibition (Parsons School), 1996 Millennium Gallery (East Hampton), 1998 Sundance Gallery (Bridgehampton, NY). 2009 Alumni Exhibition (Parsons School).

In the summer of 1993 Mr. Kaplan introduced the first fine-art WallScape's to appear downtown on lower Broadway (at Tower Records). With the display of two 15' x 20' canvases that featured the cover art of Pearl Jam and Billy Joel.

The 2015 Art Basel Miami exhibition (Princess Anne ArtSpace) has featured artwork that has been created by Samuel Kaplan over the span of the last decade.
Today he has returned to the New York art scene, with an exhibition of his current work at SOHarlem's Xgallery.

            DuBois is a Curator who has the unique ability to see an artists work, and then provide them with a roadmap. That refines their direction and harnesses their innate creative talent. In my many years of working with galleries, critics and artworld influencers. Miss DuBois stands out as  a shinning example in the art world . That said Lisa has helped me to forge some of my greatest paintings to date, with her shared insights and laser guided observation.

Sam Kaplan [email protected] 

exhibiting artist for X Gallery and Artontheave


AJ Stetson  > New York photographer 

I am a photographer and filmmaker based in NYC. Lisa was an inspiring source of wisdom and guidance throughout the exhibition Art on the Avenue NYC, November 2020—January 2021, which included 90 four-foot tall masked portraits of New Yorkers that I created in the months since recovering from COVID-19 after April, 2020. 

Through many extraordinary interactions as well as challenges with having a 3-block 90-work public exhibition, Lisa offered invaluable guidance and insight, artistic as well as personal and even spiritual, and helped make the experience even more rewarding. Many thanks!

 AJ Stetson

[email protected]

Instagram: @ajstetson

Alan Richards > Artist 
Dr Alan Richards- NYDr Alan Richards- NY


My work may be classified as photographic image composites or new media art. It uses multiple digital photographic images or segments of images and/or drawings that are fused to create a single composite image. The images may be playful, satirical, or of a more serious nature. I try to tell a story with each image. My artwork represents the human condition. It reflects how I view events and the interaction between people. The work is a mix of satirical pieces, pieces of individuals communicating or not communicating with each other.

I know that the choice of artwork for any show is really a judgement call by one or two people, but it's really great to have an advocate such as yourself to move things along.  

My dealings with you have been quite positive. You were always readily available for consultation either by phone or email. That is quite important to me as a person and an artist. A quick reply is very important. It doesn't marginalize one as being insignificant or not reply-worthy. This speaks to your competence and kindness as a person and curator. As you know, an artist's ego is often frail and subject to doubt. Your attention to a quick response and detail was truly great. I appreciate it as I am sure the other artists you work with do as well.

All in all, you were a great ally in this exhibition. I truly want to work with you again.  Be well, Alan 

[email protected]

exhibiting artist for X Gallery and Artontheave

Adrian Hashimi > Artist - writer 

Adrian HashimiAdrian HashimiIt is all about the story. Whether painting in my favorite medium (oil), drawing digitally or just plain old sketching with pen and pencil, it is always about the story. And for me, the stories revolve around people and figures. Every pose, tilt and detail has a some kind of anecdote attached to it. A hand that was a vine, an eye that looks away or a faceless specter on the sofa. I want my viewer to take it from that moment and move the story forward or create their own backstory. It could be dark, dramatic, full of action or passive pose of a wry smiling portrait. My paintings will always tell a story. Whether we share the a narrative or a different tale, a story has been told, and I hope you enjoyed it.
Adrians website
Instagram: tetemeow
Phone: 917.496.7163
Adrians e mail

Lisa DuBois is truly dedicated to the Arts. Not only is Lisa an amazing artist herself, a photographer who an eye at capturing the social atmosphere of our time, but she is also an amazing curator of the arts. She continues to help many local artists be seen and heard, myself included. 

Lisa first showcase my paintings at the X Gallery in Harlem along with a few other local artists in 2018. She also spotlighted the show and the artists during a public television appearance. 

We last worked together when she curated another painting of mine for the Arts on The Avenue public art installation.  The show was a great success.

Adrian Hashimi
Toy Tigers, LLC
Instagram: @adrianhashimi

exhibiting artist for X Gallery and Artontheave

Ruchell Alexander

Ruchell AlexanderRuchell AlexanderRuchell AlexanderRuchell Alexander was a year old when he and his family settled in Northern New Mexico. He moved here directly from southern Mexico where he had lived most of his life thus far. Soon after arriving, Ruchell and his family were among the dozen or so original members of the Magic Tortoise Commune which was established in 1973 on Lama Mountain, between San Cristobal and Questa.
It was his good fortune, artistically speaking, that another of the original members of Magic Tortoise was an erstwhile New Yorker named Bill Gersh who in 10 years would emerge as a renowned Southwest painter and sculptor.
It is undeniable that from his earliest age Ru was inspired and stimulated by Bill Gersh to become an artist. As Ru grew up in the "one big family" ambience of the commune, he spent more and more time in Bill's studio, chatting, observing, asking and answering questions and much of the time making magic-marker drawings while Bill was painting.
And as Ru matured--all the while living, jiving, and eating and working, in his fashion, side-by-side with his pal Bill it was inevitable that Bill became his mentor--although the influence of Bill's subject matter and technique is hard to see in Ru's early work. Only in the last two or three years has Ru been integrating Bill's powerful influence into his own art.
For Ruchell's art there was his "early magic-marker" period which was followed--because he wouldn't give up the glorious spontaneity it allowed--by a long "late magic-marker" period which lasted into his early manhood.
Eventually the near-immediacy that acrylic paints allow convinced Ruchell that he could mature his art without totally breaking with it's "raison-d'etre" of spontaneity.
The result is Ruchell Alexander's art of today: larger, multi-figured canvasses with dramatic, autobiographical subjects including indications of the centrality of Bill Gersh -- both personally and artistically in his formation as both a man and artist.
ruchells website

"I met Lisa via her website as I was looking online for galleries in the NYC area that might be a fit for my art work (I am from New Mexico). I immediately was very moved by the art and artists that she was showing and asked her how I might get involved.  She asked me to send a few giclees out to N.Y, which I did and encouraged me to submit my work and a small fee to get shown on her website, which I also did and am glad of it because I now have a presence on a great website and feel like I'm part of the family and am so honored to be showing alongside her amazing other artists, of which there are many:  with various styles and working in a variety of mediums. Lisa herself has been great to work with as we share a common bond: Reggae Music which is really what my artwork is mainly about..and she recognizes that. She has always been a great communicator with me and always returns emails very promptly, which is awesome and rare. I appreciate what she does for the entire universe of art and thank Jah daily for the fact that he has put us together. She strikes me as a go getter and always thinking of what the next stage is. It has been a pleasure working with her and I am excited about the next phase working with her to further explore the wide universe of visual arts.

  I know one thing: Africa is where we all began.first man. Love the African vibe that you flow with Lisa and positive perspective on life. Great working with you , much respect. Highly recommended. " Ruchell Alexander 4/16/21

RU-style virtual art gallery

you tube

Ruchell click 

James Romeo - Vintage photographer

James Romeo PhotojournalistJames Romeo Photojournalist

I trust Lisa to represent my work in the best way possible. Ive known her for many years and her attention to detail 

is refreshing.

James Romeo  -NYC

Lance Johnson - Grafitti - abstract artist 

Lance Johnson Bronx NYC USALance Johnson- Bronx, NYIn trying times we as artists have to meet the moment. It’s on us to keep inspiring people. Look at the way DJ’s create virtual international art parties How musicians create concerts from all corners of the globe. How visual artists keep creating and sharing and teaching their process to keep connected. Art is therapy and we need to keep pushing to help people cope with this uncertain moment in time. I take pride in my obligation to dream...create..inspire.

Lance Johnson
Instagram @lanceljart
[email protected]>

As an artist, I am so grateful for the support that Lisa has given to me and my work. Not only a great curator but Lisa is truly an amazing advocate for young artists. Her advice and wisdom in navigating the art world has been so helpful for me. So inspiring.

Lance Johnson

Lance Johnson e mail



Zulima Paulus-Rosenow-  actress  social media expert 

I met Lisa two years ago when working for her as a Social Media Assistant at X Gallery. The first thing I quickly noticed about Lisa was how she interacted with everyone. Whether it was the local art lover or the most famous artist preparing to exhibit at the gallery, she gave each person her total attention and deference.  Even though her expertise is deserving of high pay, she often spent time reviewing artist work and giving the most helpful advice for free.

As I got to work intimately with her on various social media projects, I came to see that she has an extremely high standard of professional expectations. Creating an Event Brite or Press Release required many drafts and reviews before she considered it ready for publication. As a journalist myself, I admire her ability to write directly, descriptively, and succinctly which makes her pieces thoroughly enjoyable. Her eye for beauty results in stunning designs whether on paper or on gallery walls in her role as curator. Because of this, it is no wonder so many distinguished artists, such as Ademola Olugebefola, chose to have their openings at X Gallery.

Lisa is a fantastic photographer and photo artist herself who has exhibited all over the world receiving well deserved prizes and recognition. As a friend, I have enjoyed hearing the stories of her travels where she gained the trust and access to people, such as the  of New Orleans, who otherwise would not allow their lives to be captured on film. Lisa is simply that enchanting.

Because of all of these qualities, it is easy to understand why X Gallery became one of the most successful galleries in Harlem, a place dearly beloved by the community that propelled many forward in their careers including myself.  For all of the reasons, it is a pleasure to assure you that it is my privilege to know Lisa and to have worked with her.     

 Zulima Paulus-Rosenow

Gallery assistant - social media manager for X Gallery 


Burroughs Lamar  Photojournalist - documentary photographer 

Photojournalist   Burroughs LamarPhotojournalist Burroughs LamarPhotography

Burroughs Lamar is lifetime resident of Harlem. He is currently working on a documentary on the lives of original residents of Harlem.Burroughs has always owned a camera and began to take it seriously in 2007. In 2008, a project sprang from the global phenomenon of gentrication that is having its effect on his native Harlem community—and his sensitivity to how it is has impacted individual lives, its culture and social cohesion. He focused on a span of five years (2008 to 2012, amassing over 50, 000 images) to document through still photographic images, and where possible, employed a voice recorder to capture personal narratives from interviews. Capturing the Harlem community as comprehensively as possible through events, activities, organizations, businesses, persons and the real life verve of this storied village.

Burroughs Lamar Website

I met Lisa Dubois in 2010 when we were participants in a group of 20 Black Photographers, entitled: New Harlem Renaissance photographers, that were assembled in tribute to the former Director, Howard Dodson’s, retiring from the Schomburg Library for Research in Black Culture sponsored by then Harlem District 10, City Council member, Bill Perkins.  Mr. Dodson sought a fitting tribute to the Harlem community would be an exhibition by Black photographers that poignantly documented Harlem.  The exhibition opening occurred on January 31, 2011. 

Prior to the event, the group met weekly to show and discuss our photographs and share our ideas about what should be the unifying theme for the exhibition.  These meetings permitted my acquaintance with Lisa along, with the other photographers.  The meetings could be boisterous and intense, but Lisa was not diffident in expressing her thoughts about ideas which were somewhat aligned with mine.  Admittedly, I was new to photography and as she was much more experienced, I tended to follow her counsel and as a result we buddied.  At the conclusion of the exhibition and the group disbanded, and we stayed in touch.

Lisa went on to curate a number of exhibitions and she invited me to submit my work which I was very appreciative.  Or, submitted her work to an exhibition she became aware of and informed me to enter.  In kind, if I learned of any exhibition “call for entries” I would alert her.   There were occasions when we both either, as photojournalists or documentary photographers, have covered the same events, or personal projects and, had our work published in the same photography platforms.  I believe, in 2018, she was granted a wonderful opportunity of an exhibition space in Harlem and became its sole curator. She offered me an opportunity to show my photographs there which I was pleased to do.  In that capacity, she trained and supported a young artist.  She also networked with other Harlem based arts programs. 

Lisa is an outstanding documentary photographer as well as a talented visual artist.  It is because we are both congratulatory about our work, we have maintained a photography relationship.  She has an indefatigable work ethic, is resourceful and has successfully developed relationships with established photographers and artists, demonstrated by their participation in her numerous exhibitions.  As an artist, she has a deep understanding and concern artists and photographers, particularly those of color, find to present their work, opportunities are often lacking or are extremely competitive.  As a curator, she has a well-honed sense of the quality in art and photographs.  The decision making to select work and discuss with the artist for an exhibition is a painstaking yet necessary undertaking and is unenviable.   With her drive and determination, she is destined to have another gallery or become a curator for one and just needs an opportunity to do so.

Burroughs Lamar

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Mona Dworkin - Collage artist 

Mona Dworkin- CollageMona Dworkin- CollageMona Dworkin
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Influenced by political and social instability, I have been moved and inspired to illustrate vulnerability, questions of self-worth and expectations. My mixed media paintings portray the fragility of human connections. During the Pandemic I have been exploring the challenges I have faced navigating new ways to care for family from afar ( mixed media painting "Adapt to Unfolding Change" ) Self-care is key to staying healthy, sane and creative, illustrated in my painting "Embrace What Makes You Happy".

Artworks created in the past year depict racism and the subjugation of women.
Traveling in Italy several years ago reawakened my need to express what many of us are feeling. The artworks I create are a part of my journey and the injustices I witness.

As a collector of ephemera, objects with personal context are included in some of my paintings. Images I photographed in Italy of doors, windows and locks reflect the complex open and closed emotions in relationships. I am grateful to explore this creative path.
I studied art at the State University of New Paltz, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. Originally from Hartsdale, New York, I lived in NYC for 20 years, and I raised my family in Richmond, Virginia.

I have great respect for Lisa DuBois as an artist and curator.  Lisa's mixed media collages  depicting African American culture are striking and thought provoking. Her portrait photographs have a painterly quality, strikingly beautiful depicting individual personalities. I love how Lisa has  captured the raw energy of dancers in her Blur series.

I originally met Lisa through XGallery in Harlem. Lisa has helped to develop many artists through her previous gallery and her present online website of the same name.   I was thrilled to be invited to submit to the first ArtontheAveNYC show on Columbus Avenue. Lisa's work as a curator for the event highlighted New York Artist's work during the Pandemic.  This was a changing point for many artists to be able to share their work during a difficult with galleries shut down.  It gave artists the opportunity to have their work seen and well promoted by Lisa as well as offer a respite for New Yorker's looking to engage in outdoor activities in a socially distanced and safe environment.

I am grateful to know Lisa and look forward to seeing what she does next!

instagram: @monadworkin

exhibiting artist for X Gallery and Artontheave

Deb Fong  photojournalist


“Lisa is an incredible talent, both as a photographer and as a curator. Her experienced, finely honed eyes clearly manifest in her own photographic work and in her insightful curation of others. 

My first opportunity to work with Lisa was during the recent Art on the Ave NYC exhibition, ‘The Art of Healing’, which she curated. In addition to being extremely honored to be included in the exhibition, I found Lisa to be a pleasure to work with and an important, highly-respected presence during exhibition-related activities.”

Kaliyah Johnson  

I started working with Lisa DuBois at the start of the pandemic. I was working as a tutor and hours were shortened. I had previous experience working with art galleries in many aspects, so I decided X gallery would be a great fit since I now had ample down time. I could now join X Gallery that fits into my art historical background! The first task I was given was to find artists to be a part of the “Awareness Through Conceptual Art and Photography Online Exhibition”. Looking for emerging artists to fit into the theme of the exhibition was a lot of work, but was definitely worth it. I had never done anything like this before in my previous experiences working in the gallery scene. 

I enjoyed this part very much! Giving the artists the platform to display their art even during a pandemic and their art helping keep X Gallery alive during that tough time. Lisa then made me a part of the social media team, where I would raise engagement through instagram, create, stories, and interact with similar galleries and artists that fit the X gallery brand. Through my hard work and dedication Lisa then asked me to be an Assistant Curator where my name would then be a part of “Awareness Through Conceptual Art and Photography Online Exhibition”. I was honored to be given this position after a short amount of time. It was heartwarming that Lisa noticed my passion for art. Lisa then asked me to help her with the Sacred Space installation that she did for Governor’s Island. This was my first time meeting her in person and she welcomed me with open arms. Overall, working with Lisa was a great experience and I would be honored to help her in any future endeavors she has!

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curators assistant for X Gallery 

Barbara Anderson - Executive Director for ArtontheAveNY

 “Lisa Dubois was the curator for our Art of Healing exhibit for the  first ArtontheAve Exhibition on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan, NYC. Lisa was an important part of the conception of the project and spent many hours with me discussing ideas. She selected a wide range of art wanting to produce a high quality show representative of New York and it was a huge success. We thank her for all contributions.

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Chris and Lou, Chris Lou Digital Artists 
Lisa DuBois,  the curator of the X Gallery, has broken the mold of the traditional "curator".   She has a unique ability to garner artists from all walks of life, backgrounds and mediums, and collate their collective work into one flowing, "living" entity. It is evident that her love of art and humanity is all encompassing.  We are blessed to have Lisa as a close and dear friend, and just as importantly as our inspiration to continue believing and creating our work. 

  Athens, Greece; New Orleans; and Fairfax, Virginia

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June Truesdale

What can I say about Lisa DuBois ?

She is an Enthusiastic accomplished photographer and a fine creative artist .. she is knowledgeable in her field ... She is driven to perfection and expects the same when dealing with her photographic cohorts .

But Lisa is so much more than a photographer/artist  - She has a kind heart ... She is spiritually based in the laws of the universe ...  She is Supportive  She shares her knowledge and opportunities freely and generously with her photographic community and She is Gorgeous 

Lisa is one of a kind ... She is my friend and a dear sister of the soul  .. I am grateful she lives in my world and ... 

I LOVE her. 

June DeLairre Truesdale ☮️



Wedly Cazy
Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Warner Bros. Campus Ambassador 
M: (614) 843-2571 

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Wedly Cazy - Social Media & Marketing Intern

I started working with Lisa DuBois mid-summer of pandemic as a Social Media and Marketing Intern. I had previous experience working in digital media but not art galleries. I thought X gallery would be a great opportunity to test different waters within the creative field. I was responsible for hashtags. Over the months of being an intern I quickly learned how that label is used on social media sites to make it easier to find information with a theme or specific content. Hashtags encourage social media users to explore content that catches their eye. Associations can use hashtags to reach their target audience and to help members filter information. Hashtags can help categorize posts, increase engagement, attract followers to a certain niche, strengthen a brand image and help reach a target audience (and vice versa). Instagram generates around 95 million photos posted on its platform each day. I was also assigned to find artists to be a part of the “Awareness Through Conceptual Art and Photography Online Exhibition”. I had experience searching for influencers so doing this task was fun to do. I was also responsible to enter data of those artists' info into the website.

I was honored to be given this position after my internship in Milan had gotten cancelled. I would describe Lisa as a successful/respected leader. She fostered respect —she was willing to give her all for her team and the cause they're working for. She was virtuous leader. Her integrity, honesty and character are reflected in everything they do. She was a great boss, who had a clear vision, knowing how to execute the vision, being available, being supportive, decisive, and praising on a job well done.