The History of X Gallery

 X Gallery began when Lisa DuBois was given an opportunity through the Harlem Arts Festival and Harlem properties to create and curate her own gallery. Over a three-year period of time X Gallery created a special space for like minded unique individuals to meet and enjoy amazing art and photography. X Gallery has transitioned to an online gallery and the artists participate in exhibitions through X Gallery and the X Gallery legacy continues

Publication of reviews by art critics including:

 The Guardian in regards to the X Gallery “Cultural Diversity” exhibition celebrating Harlem stated,

 “It is important to show art that reflects different people”.

Afropunk’s review of the X Gallery Cultural Diversity exhibition show stated, "This exhibition pays homage to Harlem’s cultural legacy.”



Lisa DuBois, Curator of the X Gallery

  Lisa: when it comes to curating an exhibition; the display of art is crucial. There must be symmetry and a story must be told according to the way each piece interacts with each other.  

Lisa DuBois has delivered on her vision by hosting a multitude of exhibitions featuring a mix of both established and promising emerging artists and established the X Gallery lifetime achievement awards. Lisa is available as an independent curator and she can be contacted at [email protected]




"We look forward to hearing your unique ideas and learning about your creative process!"

If you would like to collaborate with X Gallery on an art project or gallery exhibition, please contact us with your inquiry.  

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