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X Gallery: New York Art Gallery

X Gallery is dedicated to participating in the cultural development of Harlem through the exhibition of Art and Photography. We strive to create an environment where local people and foreigners of every background can be touched by the beauty of art. We are committed to exhibitions and programs that will strengthen and sustain our community. Lisa DuBois, curator www.xgallery.nyc

About the name X Gallery

We are located on Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem. The Boulevard is named in honor of Malcolm X who chose the name X to represent the unknown names of Africans lost during the transatlantic slave trade.  

 In the spirit of honoring the unrecognized, our mission is to discover hidden artistic talent while supporting and exhibiting the work of established photographers and artists

Curator Lisa DuBois




Develop Awareness for art’s vital role in a changing and thriving multicultural community.

Inspire Harlemites and tourists with thoughtful visually stimulating exhibitions.

Represent and Promote the work of local photographers and artists in our gallery and on our website.

Sell affordable collectible art and photography

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