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X Gallery Artist Directory

X Gallery online is a collective of artists and photographers,each member reflects a unique style.. X Gallery artist/photography Directory is a membership-based listing that is made available to galleries and art organizations seeking new artists. The Artist Directory exists as a public resource for those interested in fine art and photography and is designed to put interested parties in direct contact with artists. Its audience includes the general public as well as independent curators, art venues, and writers. Members of the Artist Directory are permitted to refer to their Listing when responding to Calls to Artists.


to become a member your application must be accepted . If you are not accepted initially you can reapply at a later date. 

to begin the application process please send 5 j pegs of your work along with an artists statement. to [email protected]  

once you are accepted you will be sent a e mail asking for more information


The cost of a minimum 24-month membership to the online X Gallery Magazine Artist Directory is $100.00

100 dollars upon acceptance of application.

 includes one photo- bio -artist statement -


plan b - includes a  separate link to your personal page with copy - additional  $100.00


Sign-Up Process

Send the following to [email protected]  

Artist Bio

Artist Statement

3-5 images & captions