X Gallery Factor

By Zulima Paulus Rosenow

 Photo of Lisa -courtesy of Harlem Handbook 

  Lisa is an artist/photographer working as an independent curator.  She is currently seeking new portfolios from up and coming artist.  To learn more about how you can submit your portfolio, click here - PORTFOLIO REVIEWS

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The past two decades have seen dramatic changes in Harlem’s landscape. Experimental Art projects like X Gallery will continue to emerge offering local artists the chance to exhibit in their own community. X Gallery curator, Lisa DuBois, born and raised in Harlem, recognized the art exposure-void that needed to be filled in Harlem’s burgeoning universe of talented but under-represented local visual artists. She addressed the issue when given the opportunity to launch X Gallery with the support and sponsorship of Harlem Properties, a licensed real estate agency owned by John McGuinness. The agreement was to use the large window and space facing the street and fill it with gorgeous art. This concept gained enormous popularity.         

X Gallery began as one-year experiment that grew into three. Lisa followed her vision by hosting a multitude of gallery exhibitions featuring a mix of both established and promising emerging artists. X Gallery and "Save Art Spacepartnered on Cultural Diversity; a juried art competition. The winner’s artwork received enormous exposure on outdoor Bus Stop Ads throughout East Harlem along with a month-long exhibition at X Gallery. Subsequent art shows at X Gallery include collaborating with Enfoco a 35-year photo organization and Alex Gs Singleshot on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Lisa established the X Gallery lifetime achievement awards for deserving artist like Ademola Olugebefola and Dudley Vaccianna.

 Lisa states, “Harlem is embracing its own culture in an artful way and is presenting it to the world and tourists are falling in love with what they see, hear, eat and experience.


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Photo of  Tiffany B Chanel, copyright Lisa Dubois, one of the winners of bus stop competition