Portfolio Reviews with X Gallery curator Lisa DuBois

An in person or online Portfolio Review by a qualified curator is the best way for you to improve your presentation and to get feedback on your work. The review is designed to bring you one step closer toward your goals. There are limitless opportunities regardless of your age, gender, ethnic background or sexual orientation. The quality of your work and your passion is key to your success.

Reviews are not just for advanced artists and photographers.  

 The real purpose is to understand where you are, and how to move forward in the best way possible.  Often artists and photographers do fantastic work but lack the ability to isolate the best work that will get the most attention. 

You will learn how to access the best information for art residences, grants and contests and galleries that are suitable for you. You may be advised to wait and continue to produce work to add before applying for grants.

   Text this number 504 577 1268  with a request for a call back before making an appointment  or email

[email protected]  copy  [email protected] 


Fee is $75.00 for students and $100 for artists and photographers

You will be emailed a report on the review .The report will include suggestions based on your specific needs.

The telephone appointment lasts for 60 minutes.  A free follow up call is included.

You can also text 504.577.1268 for a call back

Telephone portfolio reviews are available by phone accompanied by jpegs and artist statement.


   Phone portfolio review send an artist statement. 

Send up to 25 jpegs by We Transfer prior to phone session 

Send website address and social media links


Remember this word and its meaning P-A-T-H-


Affirm your goals &  remember  

Timing is everything and

Hope will pull you through rough times.


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Lisa DuBois website





Your Artwork is Your Life
Each painting portrays a part of the artist themselves and each one should be documented for the best possible representation.

Why should my artwork be photographed?
You may want to reproduce your work and sell them as limited edition reproductions.
 If you are applying to any museum, gallery, grant, or artist in residence you will want to have the best files of your work.

 I have a great cell phone isn’t that good enough? 
 Cell phones can’t usually create large files which are recommended for serious archiving of your work 

 What else can I do with a high-resolution file? 
 Make posters, postcards and use for reproduction purposes and for archival. 

 What else can I do to document my work?
 Get a flash drive and put your work on it so that it can be plugged into any computer at any time.
 When something has this much value it is wise to have some sort of back up. With this image, you forever have it digitally stored 
 Create a slideshow presentation.

Have your work photographed 

Set up an appointment 
Email:  [email protected]  
Text: 504 577 1268 


Call for fee - fee depends on the circumstances


What will you receive?

One is a high-resolution image and one is a low-resolution image for each piece of artwork.

One with copyright symbol with your name at the bottom of the image and one without.

One jpeg low-resolution file for email and online use

A high-resolution file for making reproductions or for making postcards etc.

**allow one week after meeting with artwork to receive all files in the mail.**