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is a curator and photoartist , her work has been exhibited around the world and she is in the permanent collection of the Sutton gallery in New Orleans.
member of Enfoco
member of Harlem Arts Festival
Curator for X Gallery

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Photo - Lisa DuBois

Title:  Puja, a ritual performed in India that involves invocations, prayers, chanting.



Dates: August 23rd-November 9th, 2017 

 “HOLY WATER - The Spiritual Connection,” This collective of work explores subcultures
hidden among mainstream cultural traditions through photography and art.

Featuring the photography of Lisa DuBois

 Lisa DuBois, photo-artist & curator, brings 3 local photographers-Eduardo Duarte, Burroughs Lamar,
June De Lairre Truesdale to join her in exhibiting images of people in water rituals. 

Patricia Talbot -African Metal sculptures.

For ages, water has been the primary element used in religious rituals all over the world.
In some 
cultures ceremonial water immersion is the vehicle that transports people to
a place where they can communicate directly with God.

“This exhibition takes a closer look at how water rituals connect with Spirituality and community around the world, beginning with the Fire hose Baptism in Harlem to water rituals in Varanasi India.
Now more than ever, the cultural connections present in Harlem are important to
recognize as our community is changing.”

Curator - Lisa DuBois

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