Sandrine boulet ( DONE)

my name is sandrine estrade boulet (aka SAND:)

I am an artist based inn France.

I work as an illustrator and a street artist, but basically  I draw on everything ...and everything inspires me... 

My work is based on pareidolia.

Pareidolia is to see forms, such a s animals, objects, faces, characters,  in things that are surrounding us everyday.

Matisse use to say " the world is filled with flowers for the ones ones that can see it"...

In this difficult time... I wanted to thanks all the nurses that care about all of us.

this tribute to the nurses is a second version of a classic of my artworks called " pompom girl". I turned her costume into a nurse costume.

but also this is a tribute to women. Women make up the majority of workers in the health and social services sector - 70% in 104 countries analyzed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

She represents to me a symbol of life , positivism and energy.. I think we all need that... and dream for five minute to escape such a rude world.

I guess, ` we are artist and we are here also to care , in our special little way, about people.. 

My instagram is @sandrine_boulet

[email protected]