Robert Eilets
A photographic Journey Of A Wanderlust


Robert Eilets, Freelance Photographer began his photo odyssey of Africa twenty

years ago. His love affair with the African Continent began with his first trip to

West Africa where with His camera in hand he began to chronicle the people of

Senegal. Robert has since crossed the continent in all four directions visiting 30

Countries including the northern Mountains of Ethiopia, Egypt, Tanzania, and the

Swahili Coast. His photo library boasts more than 5000 images from these

Destinations as well as India, China, Brazil and most recently Cuba. His images

have been featured in numerous periodicals including The African Travel

Magazine, International Travel News, The Washington Times, Essence Magazine,

Ethiopian In Flight Magazine, and Travel World News. Robert is the recipient of

the International Library of Photography best photo of the year 2000 and the

Tanzanian Tourist Board Media award for photojournalist for the year 2005