Reginald Rosseau



“I am a working artist and an artivist. Personally, I am an introvert and an extrovert artistically. I uses my creativity to raise awareness,  share emotions, desires and boosting solidarity as well as to inspire the viewing audience to take action. What I don’t say in words, I say in my drawings, paintings and digital illustrations. My Afro-American-Caribbean cultural semi-abstract expressions, can be viewed in relation to contemporary culture, shared history or in relation to racial, social, political and spiritual context or purely on aesthetic values.


At the upset, of the pandemic, I started to developed some of the early symptoms. In fear of infecting my family, I quarantined myself at my art studio / exhibiting space [The Underground Gallery, here in Harlem]. During my short time in quarantine, I decided to create works that would inspired people to wear masks in order to be safe. 


My very first painting in this series is  “Obama- Stay Safe. 2020” is my way to saying to the viewing public, Hey, wear your mask and stay-safe and look even President Obama is doing it.

“Obama- Stay Safe” by Reginald Rousseau.