Subsequent art shows at X Gallery include a partnership with Enfoco,

A 35-year renowned photography organization. Together X Gallery and Enfoco produced an LBGT exhibition combining photographers from both X and Enfoco. This exhibition was documented with an article and a 30-picture layout in the Advocate, leading publication for LBGTQ news and art.


Queer eye Exhibition image Lola FlashQueer eye Exhibition image Lola Flash



Queer Eye Photographic Exhibition Featuring


Lisa DuBois * Oscar Rivera * Gabriel Garcia Roman

Who:       X Gallery and EnFoco  

What:      QUEER EYE Photography Exhibition Featuring Lola Flash

About:   X Gallery and EnFoco join together to present Queer Eye, A photographic exhibition celebrating LGBTQ Pride month. Each of the photo artists expresses their creativity and personal vision through their art in this multifaceted view of the LGBTQ world.

Where:     X Gallery @ 163 Malcolm X Boulevard. On 118th street

Viewing:  June 1 to June 30th, 2018 on Thursdays, Saturday and Sundays 1 to 6

Reception:  June 14th, 6 to 9 pm

Enfoco:  En Foco is a non-profit organization that nurtures and supports contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of diverse cultures, primarily U.S. residents of Latino, African and Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific. Bill Aguado, Director En Foco, Inc.

X Gallery: X Gallery is dedicated to participating in the cultural development of Harlem through the exhibition of Art and Photography. We strive to create an environment where local people and foreigners of every background can be touched by the beauty of art. We are committed to exhibitions and programs that will strengthen and sustain our community. Lisa DuBois, curator

Lola Flash Legends Artist statement

These are the people who spearheaded a movement that wasn’t a given. They are actors, advocates, DJ’s, performers, and much more. They are the trailblazers who presented an honest vision that clashed against societal norms, as we knew it. They were not trendy, but instead are “trendsetters”. These actions alone placed them in harm’s way; due to homophobia, they could have been killed. But they were the lucky ones. And, many decades later due to their combined struggles and persistence, our queer and non-gender conforming communities can finally begin to live in their own skins. We are being acknowledged within institutions; as the legal system begins to give us long overdue rights in the workplace, equality in marriage policies, gender-free lavatories and in many places, even school children are able to generate their chosen pronoun.
This transparent progress has been issued in with the guidance of these icons’ refusal to be anything other than themselves. They were not complacent; instead, they lived and still live their lives, often fighting daily battles of homophobia, transphobia, racism, and sexism. Although we are still demanding equality, the state of affairs has changed dramatically, because of these folks. There is definitely a progressive mindset, in America that is clearly in place. Where there was once no canon, each LEGEND in their own beautiful way, has harnessed a pride that transcends hate. They made it possible for the LGBTQ+ communities to not only survive but to live a life of love. 

Lisa DuBois is an accomplished visual artist. Beauty Queens collection of enhanced portraits taken at the flamboyant Imperial Court of New York Ball. The Imperial Court is proudly known for being one of the oldest and largest LGBTQ organizations in the world. Lisa’s captures the authenticity of self-expression and extravagance of an exclusive element of LGBTQ subculture through art.

 Oscar J Rivera    Oscar J Rivera’s Triangle, documents queer bodies of color and personal relationships through striking and richly printed black and white photographs. Queer people of color are presented existing as their own definitions of sensual or sexual beings- masculine or feminine - driven by the intimacy of interviews with the artist. The relationship of an artist to a subject is heightened by the act of collaboration which aims to highlight the delicate balance between sensuality and sexuality, and the intersectionality of being queer and a person of color

Gabriel Garcia Roman is a Mexican- American NY photographer collage artist that uses photos as well as other mediums, such as thread, and textiles to create works of art that celebrate groups of people that aren’t normally praised in our mainstream society’s culture. In his latest project, Queer Icons, Roman places queer people of color, into regal atmospheres where he also ties in religious-themed aspects to his work. His overall use of bright colors and playful prints celebrates the individual. The people in his pieces are our neighbors, friends, sisters, and brothers. We are these people. We are art.  

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