X Gallery invites you to join us as we enter “Paradise”

         Opening Reception Saturday  May 18th 


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X Gallery

163 Malcolm X Boulevard

New York, NY 10026

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Viewing on Sundays between May 18th and JUNE 9th between 1 AND 6 PM


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Lindsay BirdwillLindsay Birdwill

The Paradise exhibition will feature abstract paintings by Lindsay Bardwil in an atmosphere that will transport you into a world of diverse color and natural elegance. Lindsay combines art and Natural elements to create a soothing impression within the space .Take a break from your busy day and enter Paradise.



Lindsay Bardwil

The great Ernest L. Boyer famously said "Paradise isn’t a place. It’s a feeling.” While that is a truth, it lacks responsibility that this Earth is paradise, our only home and the only known paradise to exist. If we don’t do something to change our trajectory immediately, yesterday, and at this very moment; paradise will truly only be a feeling and no longer a place we get to call home. It’s easy to forget how beautiful and precious our planet is in this fast paced technology centric time. Especially in bustling cities like New York. I create art that reflects my passion for the natural beauty this planet has to offer, as nature herself is the ultimate artist. While efforts are being made around the world to combat the various issues challenging Mother Nature; I am fearful that it is not nearly enough to reverse the damage we have already done.

I have decided to align the artwork I create with the cause closest to my heart, the protection and preservation of our planet, our resources, our paradise. A portion of each piece sold will go toward conservation efforts of reversing climate change and the protection of all our planet’s resources and inhabitants. There are so many wonderful organizations and companies around the world who dedicate their lives towards these causes. The fight for our continued existence and those of the generations to come, is truly the biggest battle in human history. Instead of choosing just one charity, I will offer suggestions of organizations that stand for the greater good of Planet Earth. This way, each piece sold becomes a collaboration in supporting our precious paradise.

With this creation of my Paradise, I hope not only to provide a place of soothing reflection and calm in our busy lives, but to shed light on and inspire people to engage in protecting the only paradise we have, before it is too late.

Lindsay Bardwil