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Ekaterina Abramova

Ekaterina Abramova


In my art, I am searching for Man. And my purpose is to dig that Man out and bring Him forth in each of us. My mission is to be channeling information from subtle spheres to the material worlds by using color, symbols, and images on canvas. My art helps people fine-tune their inner tuning fork, connect to their unique frequency. I am a tightrope walker balancing between the worlds, my brushes and palette in my hands, and connecting them like a bridge joining continents. Life is full of light, and every moment is a gift! My holy grail is to remain in sync with the vibrations of life. Through my art I wish to help others fine-tune their tuning fork. Art is the most powerful force capable of halting the pace of thoughts, changing the course of time and conventional reasoning. Art, for me, is — breathing. One can’t not breathe. I am here for breathing with God, and my exhale is — my paintings. Art takes in, reworks, and releases from its womb a new, more accomplished human being, — more wholesome in a wholesome world. I feel the connection and belonging to what Universe speaks about. It speaks through those who can hear and feel. An artist is a vehicle, a conductor; and his influence is enormous. As an artist, I constantly look for the unusual in each moment of life. And in that unusual, I find the inner truth that resides in all of us. It is radiant and joyful. Sometimes it’s a bit sad. But that helps us stop our constant pursuit of earthly things in this material world and look up.

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