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'm Luigi and in 2017 I started the "Operedaltro" project.
Since I was a teenager I've been fascinated by digital technologies. Making photomontages and memes to have fun with friends is one of the many possibilities that those technologies offer =P, and that's exactly how I started getting involved into digital art.
Operadaltro began with a modification of Vermeer's painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring": I cut the girl's mouth away and substituted it with a shot of a mouth biting a hot-dog. Some friends of mine liked the result so much that they pushed me to continue producing similar pictures, and in a few days I produced tens of similar collages that shortly after I gathered in a facebook page.The aim of my digital collages is to make our era burst into and crash with the elegance of pieces of art coming from our cultural heritage. The photos I use are mostly from the model profiles on IG, which are contentwise and stylewise at variance with the artworks I choose to modify, artworks coming instead from a timespan ranging from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. I believe that the conflict between these two worlds emerging from my pictures, is a powerful mean to highlight the messages I want to give; moreover the more explicit communication form of the photos used can attract the younger generations towards the masterpieces from the past.



Ciao! Sono Luigi e sono un creativo digitale Napoletano, vi contatto perché la linea delle vostre esposizioni  ha un concept che si sposa molto con le mie idee.
Nel 2018 ho fondato Operedaltro
Potete seguire e curiosare l'aggiornamento dei miei lavori su IG @operedaltro
 E capirete che il mio lavoro è  il risultato di fusioni di opere d'arte antiche ed odierne.
La combinazione tra esse, unite a lavori di fotografia contemporanea discutono un messaggio che esprime un sentimento,un Mood, un'azione sempre attuale e immediata!
Mi interesserebbe collaborare con voi,  soprattutto in un periodo così particolare ..



Hello! I am Luigi and I am a Neapolitan digital creative, I contact you because the line of your exhibitions has a concept that goes very well with my ideas. In 2018 I founded Operedaltra You can follow and browse the update of my works on IG @operedaltra And you will understand that my work is the result of fusions of ancient and modern works of art. The combination between them, combined with works of contemporary photography discuss a message that expresses a feeling, a Mood, an action that is always current and immediate! I would be interested in collaborating with you, especially in such a particular period ..