Oksana Prokopenko’s 
Lucid Dreaming series:

Opening Reception  is Thursday at six o clock at X Gallery  163 Malcolm X Blvd  118th street

X Gallery presents Lucid Dreaming, an exhibition of abstract paintings by Oksana Prokopenko 


Location: 163 Malcolm X Blvd (btw. 118 & 119), NYC 10026


Opening reception: Thursday, September 13 from 5:30 to 9


Live jazz at opening reception by Tom Placido Duo 7-9pm


Exhibition on view: September 1-30, 2018


Gallery hours: Saturday 12:30-5pm/Sunday 10am-4pm

and weekdays by appointment. Email [email protected]


  Oksana's A collection of highly textured oil and mixed media paintings .

 Oksana Prokopenko’s exploration into the land of dreams. The texture is almost 3D, rising two to five inches from the surface. The look and feel is lush, organic, alive. The artwork draws the eye in similar to some natural phenomena, bringing to mind topographical landscapes, dry river beds, surface of the Moon, solar flares and nebulas. The work appears chaotic at first glance, but really is a precise form of organization and patterning.


The seeming chaos is quite deceptive and the work listens to a deep internal logic of its own. Not quite sculptures, these works are not strictly paintings either.

“The soul of Prokopenko’s work is in her walking that fine line between the transcendent and the ordinary,”says Margo Grant, the Museum of Russian Art’s director.