Nello Petrucci


Nello Peterucci -  Italy, EuropeNello Peterucci - Italy, EuropeNello Peterucci - Italy, Europe
this urban operation of Re-Line was performed by me in Naples, the name is Virus coming
it has date: 24 February, when the Virus was present only in China and in the rest of the world nothing happened.
Winds of social racism rose against the Chinese people.
Everything still had to happen and consider the installation of the Chinese artist Liu Rouwang with "Wolves" in the Piazza Municipio in Naples.
It could have been an omen ... but the message was clear ...
the situation is worrying.

These are the words of Petrucci, following his action:
"In this period where we are all armed and there is a large population, the Wolves perfectly embody the terror that society is experiencing ... a mask to defend a stick to strike ... Solidarity with the Chinese community in Italy and the Chinese people who is going through a difficult period and who can find the strength to react and fight the wolves that advance … "

Nello Petrucci
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