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Mona DworkinMona Dworkin


Mona DworkinMona Dworkin


Mona DworkinMona Dworkin



Artist Statement                                         


I am a mixed media artist, creating abstract portraits and figurative work.  

Coming of age in the turbulent 60’s and 70’s, I witnessed the racial divide accompanied by violence.  Through my paintings I explore injustices towards women and people of color.

Mixed media weavings, created over 20 years ago have been repurposed to create new artworks with biographical reference.

As a visual artist, my interests extend beyond one single medium.  I incorporate photography, found objects and collected ephemera into my paintings.

I graduated with a BS degree in Art education at New York State University at New Paltz.  

Originally from Hartsdale, NY, I resided in NYC, prior to moving with my family to Richmond, Virginia.



The Highpoint, Art Style Design, November 2019, We, The Alchemy of Love and Fairy-tale Endings

Mobelux, Art Style Design, September 2019, What’s Past is Prologue

Weinstein JCC Richmond, Juried Show April 2019, 2 Mixed Media Paintings

2019 radius 250, Artspace Juried Show March  2019, Eyes Wide Deep

Gallery Edit, Juried Group show “Waiting” February 2019, Longing, Unrequited Love

The Highpoint, , “What We May Be” 9 paintings , March -April 2020


Traveling in Italy several years ago reawakened my need to express what I am feeling. The artworks I create are a part of my journey and the injustices I witness.


Influenced by political and social instability, I have been moved and inspired to illustrate vulnerability, questions of self-worth and expectations.  My mixed media paintings portray the fragility of human connections.  Artworks created in the past year depict the subjugation of women and people of color.   I invite viewers to find their own interpretations.


As a collector of ephemera, objects with personal context are included in some of my paintings.  Images I photographed in Italy of doors, windows and locks reflect the complex open and closed emotions in relationships.  

 I studied art at the State University of New Paltz, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. Originally from Hartsdale, New York, I lived in NYC for 20 years, and I raised my family in Richmond, Virginia.



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