Covid Artifact #40


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And a brief statement about this series:


Covid Artifacts is an attempt to document the objects, people and places that have suddenly become infused with cultural relevance due to the pandemic. From gloves to ventilators to toilet paper these things have become iconic in the world we now live in.  Though this is a series it is also a single piece, an archive that grows daily. Each day I follow the news and search the Internet discovering unexpected new artifacts, each artifact illustrating a new page in the global pandemic narrative. I have posted an image a day on my social media and I am encouraged by the responses I have received. People have begun to suggest subject matter for possible paintings, making it a collaborative effort.


As an artist this project has giving me a focus, to keep me from spiraling out in the face of uncertainty. Like millions I live in fear of the disease and possibly joining the ranks of the unemployed. I am growing frightening of an uncertain future. Having found this project had given me something grounded and stable during worldwide tectonic upheavals. Through this work I have found a small way to connect to community of friends, family and fellow artist.


James Gouldthorpe