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is pleased to announce we have copies available for sale * limited editions of Jamel Shabazz book “Pieces of a Man” 



As of 2018 January the price of the book  IS 125 US DOLLARS in-store purchase .10 available

Each book is signed by Jamel and is numbered for authenticity for collectors. 

“Pieces of a Man” is a forty year retrospective through the eyes of Jamel Shabazz. The book takes you on a journey and pulls you into a world that does not exist anymore. Jamel captures the ever-changing landscape of urban life on film. Each image tells a story about the social, political, and cultural climate during that time period (1980 -2015).

Many photos show love, unity and friendship which was far from the world that Jamel was working in as a correction officer. The contrast of these two worlds may have influenced Jamels approach to photography. He brings out the best in people through his style of shooting by encouraging his subjects to show love whenever possible.


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 In Jamels words

 New York City has still maintained its vibrancy and constant flow of energy and magnetism that make it one of the greatest cities in the world...I honesty feel that if I had lived in any other borough outside of Brooklyn, I would not have been able to document such cultural diversity”



Jamel Shabazz


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