the covid generation in isolation enjoying an indoor fishery”

From: Gustavo Freitas Maciel <[email protected]>
Gustavo Maciel is from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


Self-taught and creative, since childhood he started painting and sculpting with several different materials but kept his work at home.


In 2014, he was invited to paint canvases for a Home and Decor show. The immediate acceptance of his painting together with the multiple art commissions received encouraged Gustavo to explore his art even further sharing his gift with larger audiences.


In 2016, the traditional New York art school, New York Studio School, awarded a scholarship for an intensive painting course, taking advantage of the opportunity he also decided to study sculpture at the same school.


In the following years, he continued his studies in Paris and New York, performing artistic interventions in those cities, as well as Barcelona, ​​Lisbon and several Brazilian major cities.


Since then, the world has been embracing his art and today it can be seen and appreciate around the globe in exhibitions, public spaces and private collections.