This historic photography exhibition is a collection of key moments captured by Washington, D.C. photojournalist Fred Watkins over a period of three decades.The images document important moments and interactions of high profile African Americans domestically and internationally in addition to dignitaries representing the African Diaspora.  

Fred's assignments have placed him in rooms with some of the most powerful people in the world including Nelson Mandela;he traveled to South Africa with President George Bush after Mandela's release from incarceration.Fred currently photographs White House and Capitol Hill assignments and will certainly be there to capture every moment of the drama about to unfold in 2020.   

Photographers participating - in  special section honoring great entertainers and leaders in Black History who are no longer with us.
Fred Watkins, June DeLairre Truesdale, Juanita M. Prince Cole, Tyrone Rasheed, John Braithwaite and Lisa DuBois