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 About the work


The figures wearing the paper surgical masks and the glove prints on their behinds are The Boules Players, by sculptor Roger Burnett of Sowerby Bridge. It was unveiled alongside a petanque terrain in Bond Court, off Infirmary Street in Leeds in the year 2000.

The lumpy figure I believe is called Bumpman, from an exhibition called Bumped Body, by Paloma Varga Weisz, and is on display outside The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds until January 2021.

The giant hands with red cloth draped from them is called Both Arms, by Leeds sculptor Kenneth Armitage. It was unveiled during a visit by Nelson Mandela in 2001, when the space in which it stands was renamed Mandela Gardens.

These statues are all in Leeds, England. I pass them on my weekly 6am walk into the city to get groceries during lockdown. The statue of the man and woman are actually involved in a game of boules, observing another statue taking his turn. I realised their pose could make them appear to be exhausted, and so made some masks with slogans for them to represent healthcare workers at their limit.

The large hands were installed in the public square outside the Leeds General Infirmary to welcome Nelson Mandela on his visit. As we currently applaud our health workers every Thursday evening from our doorsteps, so do the government ministers who are responsible for more than fifty healthcare worker's deaths due to lack of protective equipment. I happened to have 15 metres of blood red fabric I intended to use on a model shoot, but realised this was a better use of it. I made an oversized PPE NOW mask, but wish I had made a more prominent sign.

The lumpy statue currently sits outside the city's art gallery The Henry Moore Institute, on an empty littered street. I haven't researched the sculptor's name or the purpose of their work. I can find out and send this along soon. 

The shadowy mannequin with the mask is my mischievous alter ego that sometimes appears in my photoshoots. I use him as my social media face.