Traditional and Digital Photography Exhibition

X Gallery and Single Shot join to present the Traditional and Experimental Photography Exhibition. Single Shot is an online Manhattan Neighborhood Network internet program hosted by Alex AG. Alex interviews photographers who are diverse in their approach to the world of photography. The exhibition presents a collection of traditional photographic works that explores both traditional monochrome film and digital surrealistic photography. Each photographer presenting work is an interviewed guest of the Single Shot show.

Please Join us for this event to view the wide range of photographic creativity associated with one of the fastest evolving medias by honoring the legacy of both methods, traditional film and digital photography. We salute the photographers who are deeply rooted in the purest methods of photography and the photo artists who explore the unlimited technology available.

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Photographers Alex AG, Michael Colavito, Lilian Caruana, Lisa DuBois, Eduardo Duarte,  Ryszard Horowitz, Chris Lord & Hank O’Neal, James Romeo and Art Toulinov

Where:  X Gallery @ 163 Malcolm X Boulevard - street level on 118th street

Private Viewing: Sundays, July 7th to July 28th

Reception: July 20th from 6 to 9 pm

Contact:     [email protected]

Text only:  504 - 577- 1268


Date:  July 27th, 2019 


  X Gallery:   X Gallery is dedicated to participating in the cultural development of Harlem through the exhibition of Art and Photography. We strive to create an environment where local people and foreigners of every background can be touched by the beauty of art. We are committed to exhibitions and programs that will strengthen and sustain our community. Lisa DuBois, curator [email protected] 

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