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  Dudley Vacciana 


Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award

Dates: October - November 2017

Dudley VaccianaDudley VaccianaPainting & Hand blown glass

is a painter and jewelry artisan. He specializes in Painting on Hand blown glass. Dudley has exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. Dudley recently received a lifetime achievement award from X gallery.

Dudley Vaccianna Website

contact Dudley at (718) 781-6793 or contact x gallery [email protected]

Painting- Dudley Vacciana

from  The Dudley Vaccianna Collection 

recipient of the X Gallery Lifetime Artistic Achievement award - 2017.
Dudley lives and creates art in New York. His works are in major collections around the country and in the collection of the White House in Washington DC. His talents include painting, drawings
, paintings on blown glass. His work, includes Caribbean, Latino and African themes.

Curator - Lisa DuBois

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