Christine Sloan Stoddard

Writer / Interdisciplinary Artist / Quail Bell Magazine Founder


Author: Naomi & The ReckoningForce Fed • Desert Fox by the SeaBelladonna MagicWater for the Cactus Woman 

Co-editor: Her Plumage: An Anthology of Women's Writings

New Films & Videos: BottledButterflies • Jaguar in the Cotton Field • My Rainforest Queen

Recent Press: Shades of Long Island • Queens Courier • Brooklyn Daily EagleSan Antonio Review • RVA Magazine 

During quarantine, I find myself drawn to the outside as much as I am terrified of it. In the city, it can be hard to find wide open spaces and a spot quiet enough to hear a babbling brook or birds sing. I know where to go; I've been cataloguing quiet, serene places in the urban jungle for years. The trouble is getting to them. And then getting back to my apartment after enjoying them. Even once I arrive, I feel anxious. It's hard to bat away the ugly thoughts for long. I hope that one day I can appreciate a river rock for a long spell again. Uninterrupted. At peace.

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Hello, my name is Christine Sloan Stoddard and I'm writing to submit my piece "Masked Woman on River Rock" for your consideration. Please see attached. Thank you!