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Instagram name @christopher_lecoutre

location missing  FRANCE 

Christopher Lecoutre
French Artist / Christopher Lecoutre


Atu Ram  

Atu Ram's work focuses on the sensory experience of order and harmony. Drawing from his study of visible form regularities in nature, Atu uses acrylic and mixed media elements to explore the effects of color patterns, abstract figurations and textural arrangements on the human psyche. Atu's affinity for reflective, meditative practices in relation to both the harmonious arrangements of nature and his own artistic explorations has led him to describe his work as "a natural experience in art.” Atu Ram is also an art installer providing services to galleries such as El Teller, X Gallery, Raw Space Gallery, Harlem Hospital Gallery (Art Show). In addition, Atu teaches visual art to high school youth.

Atu Ram <[email protected]>

Alice de Castro Quaglia

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Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2020 1:32 PM
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Subject: Art submission

My instagram portfolio is @alice_decastro


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Allen Hirsch

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Anwaar Alshehab                [email protected]

Instagram : @hachikogo 

 Tommy Sweeney                t[email protected]      NYC


I wanted to send you these images. I went to New York just at the beginning of the pandemic. The quarantine was put into effect while I was there. I went to create work for a different project, but made these as a reaction to what was happening. I think there is a good fit in our aesthetic. I don’t work with galleries as part of my normal process. But I would be interested in a relationship with X Gallery. These images don’t have a ‘home’. They are available as 19x13 prints on my website- but I’d take that down if you were interested in these. The actual size of the finished pieces is 60x40 inches. 



Scott Steepleton   

Ninety-two years before the COVID-19 pandemic, the rural town of Santa Paula, California, was ravaged by a deadly force: water from a failed dam. 

Hundreds lost their lives — many more than in this latest tragedy.


But it could have been worse.


“The Warning,” a steel sculpture by Eric Richards, commemorates the heroism of people in Santa Paula “who worked to save lives during the St. Francis Dam Disaster” in March 1928.

On that fateful night, two motorcycle cops drove through the low-lying parts of town, warning residents to flee the water unleashed after the just-completed 200-foot-tall dam near Newhall, 35 miles east, failed.

More than 400 people perished.

In their face masks today, these cops are sounding the alarm of a new threat.

I don’t know who put the masks on the statue, but through my photo I’m happy to help spread a message of personal responsibility and caring for others.

With proper credit to me and my Instagram @scottsteepleton you have my permission to use my original photo in your project. All other rights reserved.                                                             california

Christina Walcher 

From: Christina Walcher <[email protected]>

Subject: Here you go! A statue with a mask from Vienna, Austria, Europe
Located in the "Stadtpark", literally translating "City Park" in the heart of Vienna, during Lockdown, when wearing masks in supermarkets became obligatory.

We are lucky to have a public health system here. Fingers crossed for you over the ocean! 


Jonatan Di Ruocco              [email protected]       France

My instagram account is @jonatan_dr9 .



Krissy whiski                          Krissy Whiski <[email protected]>

Kent Corley

Applicant Email:    [email protected]

Message:    From an ongoing collection of portraits made in Spring 2020.

Infusing authentic moments with the surreal; blending journalism, art and

dark humor with the very difficult reality of Now.  

Kent Corley



'self-sufficient beings in an apocalypse, surviving the end of the world


the sexes changed to a universal format.

semi-androids have reproduced with-in a new worldly environment.'

I yet must find the higher resolution.

Daria Marchik


Akil padmitton

William Phillips             [email protected]


Shahzaad Raja            [email protected]

guitar metal                [email protected]

As you can see, we here in Hungary are also trying to do something to make the cause more noble. I have also produced 24 panel paintings and a couple of works of art that are currently auctioning off to help local rescue stations. if you want a picture of these too, let me know and I'll send them. Thank you in advance for everything, Heaven bless you. Peace
Attila Balogh
1. pic : the pics what u see on the insta 
2.the remake for the stencil 
3. this was the really original by myself , but the crew sad the hands are too strong ... 

thefrankgarlandshow   [email protected]

Fatma Yousef              [email protected]



Sasha Zaitseva [email protected] 


M.v.g. Caspar van Adrichem 


Airbrush Art 4 u 


tel. 0641850638

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Christina Walcher <[email protected]>
Subject: Here you go! A statue with a mask from Vienna, Austria, Europe

Located in the "Stadtpark", literally translating "City Park" in the heart of Vienna, during Lockdown, when wearing masks in supermarkets became obligatory.

We are lucky to have a public health system here. Fingers crossed for you over the ocean!


Tanja Hirschfeld <[email protected]


I'm a catalan painter @lluis_molina on Instagram, It's title is "Héroes sin capa"

Technique: oil and mixed media on canvas

On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 10:57 AM Uxito Lluís Molina <[email protected]> wrote:

I'm a catalan painter @lluis_molina on Instagram, I've been contacted there by _thepinkapricot to submit this painting for your online exhibition. It's title is "Héroes sin capa"

Technique: oil and mixed media on canvas

Size: 65x54cm


Would love to recieve more information about when it will be released and for how long. I imagine that you'll reference my Instagram page, please tell me the conditions before using my work.

Lluís Molina

Size: 65x54cm

Uxito Lluís Molina

[email protected]

 Sandrine boulet ( DONE)

my name is sandrine estrade boulet (aka SAND:)

I am an artist based inn France.

I work as an illustrator and a street artist, but basically  I draw on everything ...and everything inspires me... 

My work is based on pareidolia.

Pareidolia is to see forms, such a s animals, objects, faces, characters,  in things that are surrounding us everyday.

Matisse use to say " the world is filled with flowers for the ones ones that can see it"...

In this difficult time... I wanted to thanks all the nurses that care about all of us.

this tribute to the nurses is a second version of a classic of my artworks called " pompom girl". I turned her costume into a nurse costume.

but also this is a tribute to women. Women make up the majority of workers in the health and social services sector - 70% in 104 countries analyzed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

She represents to me a symbol of life , positivism and energy.. I think we all need that... and dream for five minute to escape such a rude world.

I guess, ` we are artist and we are here also to care , in our special little way, about people.. 

My instagram is @sandrine_boulet

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From: Dream Frame Release DFR <[email protected]>

    My name is Akhil Padimuttom, I would like to submit a concept photograph for your upcoming online exhibition which was informed through a comment on my  photograph by an insta account (giannimichelle) 


My Insta id is akhil_photography_tvm

User name is Akhil Padimuttom

Christine Sloan Stoddard

Writer / Interdisciplinary Artist / Quail Bell Magazine Founder


Author: Naomi & The ReckoningForce Fed • Desert Fox by the SeaBelladonna MagicWater for the Cactus Woman 

Co-editor: Her Plumage: An Anthology of Women's Writings

New Films & Videos: BottledButterflies • Jaguar in the Cotton Field • My Rainforest Queen

Recent Press: Shades of Long Island • Queens Courier • Brooklyn Daily EagleSan Antonio Review • RVA Magazine 

During quarantine, I find myself drawn to the outside as much as I am terrified of it. In the city, it can be hard to find wide open spaces and a spot quiet enough to hear a babbling brook or birds sing. I know where to go; I've been cataloguing quiet, serene places in the urban jungle for years. The trouble is getting to them. And then getting back to my apartment after enjoying them. Even once I arrive, I feel anxious. It's hard to bat away the ugly thoughts for long. I hope that one day I can appreciate a river rock for a long spell again. Uninterrupted. At peace.

[email protected]

Hello, my name is Christine Sloan Stoddard and I'm writing to submit my piece "Masked Woman on River Rock" for your consideration. Please see attached. Thank you!

ART BY Tatjani SogorovName: Tatjana Sogorov
My work is mostly based on the experiment and exploration of faces, objects, details, and similar. I use different approaches and techniques and that is the way I get to know things and then express them. The artworks I sent are from my Self-portrait series which describe different ways of exploration of oneself.

Good morning,

Thanks for the interest in my work, please check the annexed image.

Title: "Windows of the Soul"

Medium: Soft Pastels on Pastelmat

Artist: Sandra Nunes


Associate Member of Pastel Society of America Charter Member of Landscape Artists InternationaL Associate Member of International Plein Air Painters -

Name: New Normality

Technique: Digital Collage

Autor: Laura Flesher

IG: @lauraflesher  

Bio: Laura Flesher is a colombian illustrator living in Spain. His works are a minimalist mix between surrealism and pop art, clear and easy to understand. With them, he seeks to unleash the imagination of people, entertain them and make them dream, as well as reflect on specific and everyday topics. To achieve this, it reduces the objects in the image to the essential minimums, giving relevance to the message with the contrast of tones, saturations and textures.Hugs!

Laura Flesher

Painting- Dudley Vacciana

from  The Dudley Vaccianna Collection 

recipient of the X Gallery Lifetime Artistic Achievement award - 2017.
Dudley lives and creates art in New York. His works are in major collections around the country and in the collection of the White House in Washington DC. His talents include painting, drawings
, paintings on blown glass. His work, includes Caribbean, Latino and African themes.

tanjaTanja Hirschfeld [email protected]>
Von meinem iPhone gesendet


the covid generation in isolation enjoying an indoor fishery”

From: Gustavo Freitas Maciel <[email protected]>
Gustavo Maciel is from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


Self-taught and creative, since childhood he started painting and sculpting with several different materials but kept his work at home.


In 2014, he was invited to paint canvases for a Home and Decor show. The immediate acceptance of his painting together with the multiple art commissions received encouraged Gustavo to explore his art even further sharing his gift with larger audiences.


In 2016, the traditional New York art school, New York Studio School, awarded a scholarship for an intensive painting course, taking advantage of the opportunity he also decided to study sculpture at the same school.


In the following years, he continued his studies in Paris and New York, performing artistic interventions in those cities, as well as Barcelona, ​​Lisbon and several Brazilian major cities.


Since then, the world has been embracing his art and today it can be seen and appreciate around the globe in exhibitions, public spaces and private collections.