Please follow these instructions to make your submission

                            choose a statue , bust or bas relief of a historic person and create a  protective mask for it 

                                                                              use white or off white 

option for muralists * create a mural of a historical person with a protective mask 

Martin Luther King statue in Harlem -photo Lisa DuBois 

  • Create an introduction board 

  • place the name of your location and the name of the statue on the board

  • hold the board up when you film for the first 15 seconds

  • describe how that person’s life affected others

  • It is essential that you wear plastic gloves and wear a protective mask for the process

  • follow rules of social distancing 

  • Please submit the highest quality resolution or your work may be ineligible.

  •  Please do not 

  • Under any circumstances endanger your health by attempting to reach a statue too high.

  • Never scratch the surface of any statue. Only use material made of soft cloth.

  • If you choose a statue in an area that you need permission to access please contact the proper authorities.

  •  remove the mask when you are finished

  • Don’t leave garbage behind 

  • Lincoln and the boy statue photo by Lisa DuBois 

  • Put your camera phone on the highest quality resolution possible and shoot in horizontal mode for video.

  •  By submission you give permission for your work to be used as part of project ACTA for an online exhibition and short film. 

               Because of the controversy over statues in the US , It is best to avoid any statue in question. 

               send questions  [email protected]  subject Zulima
               ordinator- Zulima Paulus Rosenow