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Awotedu Atinuke  Lagos Nigeria

Awotedu Atinuke- Lagos, Nigeria

Awotedu Atinuke
[email protected]
As an artist, I am interested in creating works that calls for the participation of the audience as well as my involvement in it. In my varied approaches at making art, the concept of each piece has an impact on the piece's relationship to the viewer. Each piece takes on various forms intended to draw in the viewer as co-author and witness.

The piece titled 'Serenity' was created in solidarity to what the whole world is currently experiencing with the pandemics. I created this piece as a way of lending my voice to my immediate community where people found it difficult to use the nose mask initially. It was a piece, reminding them that using the nose mask and staying at home was our best shot at beating the pandemics and we had a better chance of coming out strong if we would just adjust to the new reality, just like the rest of the world.

Art remains a strong contender of how we share our thoughts and ideas. Throughout history, art has survived the tidal wave of information and remains an unpredictable source of imagination. The world may not change in an instant by art, but its slow and insipid spread into the active parts of our brain lives to tell the tale. It may leave the studio and then make its way around the world.

The use of materials in my work is calculated. I'm often looking for an ironic twist to images or things you might expect.