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Amy Roth self portrait

Amy Roth- Self portrait, California

Artist Statement
I painted this while I was sick with Covid-19. It was in February. At a time when the American government said that the virus was a hoax. I was sick for 5 weeks. I went to urgent care on Valentine's day. There were no tests for people like me. They said that only people who traveled to China were eligible to be tested. I was sent home. I almost died in my bathroom because I couldn't breathe. Luckily, I survived. By the time average people could access some form of testing, I was no longer showing symptoms. In May after recovering, I was finally able to get an antibody test which revealed that I did indeed have the virus. We need to stand up for the rights of our people. The current American government doesn't care if you live or die. Vote as if your life depends upon it, because it does.

Hi. @surlyamy from Instagram/Twitter
This is a self portrait I painted while sick with Covid 19.
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