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What are vintage prints ?
Vintage prints are considered an original piece of art. In Photography, a vintage print is made from original negative with chemicals in a darkroom.
These prints are more valuable when signed by the photographer.

Types of Vintage Prints

Platinum and Palladium Prints
The platinum printing process was popular in the late 19th century.
It used platinum and/or palladium salts instead of silver as the light sensitive material. These prints are characterized by their ability to reproduce a long scale of tonal values.
It is a very permanent image, and is highly valued for this reason. It is usually characterized by soft, gray tonalities, but it is possible to change the color of the print during development or by toning the finished print. The process, has in recent years enjoyed a renaissance among collectors who find it meets an aesthetic unlike modern digital printing.

Gelatin silver Prints
A photographic process used with black-and-white films and printing papers. A suspension of silver salts in gelatin is coated onto a support such resin-coated paper.

Digital print from an old negative
rare old negatives can be printed through a digital process .These prints are collected but do not have the same value as a vintage print made in the darkroom
Paris 1 James Romeo © palladium print limited editions  signedNorth Sea- Ostend James Romeo © silver print   limited editions signedParis - James Romeo © Palladium print limited editions 10 signedDiana Ross by John Brathwaite©Diana Ross John Brathwaite©Diana Ross by John Brathwaite©Sidney Poitier by Lisa DuBois©Lena Horne by Lisa DuBois©Freddie Hubbard by Lisa DuBois