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Andres Bursianto- Indonesia, Asia

Andres Bursianto- Indonesia, Asia

Andres Bursianto

My main activities as an artist in this era of industrial world have sense of critique and a focus on social issues. As a supporter of pluralism in art world I believe that only personal expressions of an artist are not enough. New values brought new ways to art as well. It is not only on telling social, political or cultural tales. It is a principal of analytical and conceptual as a principle of truth. Artistic personal expressions are not enough, so above all is that my activities in work cannot forget to speak conditionally on problematic social issues as a reason for my artistic sense.
My experience in the field of street art has extended itself to collaboration with other European street artists such as in Lithuania, Poland, Berlin, Belgium, Australia, Thailand and Stockholm developing a cross-cultural street art project. The medium I use as an artist are: drawing, painting, sculpture, stencils, street art, and art installations.

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