Please join us for an interesting talk ,With special guests Rev. Richard Honeywell 

 Art Exhibition 

and a rare look at part of the private collection of

Gene Alexander Peters


When:  ONE DAY only special Talk and rare artifacts display and talk on Thursday, December 14th, 2017 at 6pm.   

             Artwork & Photos will remain after exhibition


Where:  X Gallery - 163 Malcolm X Boulevard –


Talk:  by Reverend Richard Honeywell & Gene Alexander Peters

Display:  Rare African American Historic artifacts from the Gene Alexander Peters collection.

Artwork:  by Dudley Vacciana, Robert Daniels, Noel Donaldson, and Ademola Olugebefola  

Sculpture:  Otto Neals    


Eduardo Duarte   

Isseu Diouf

Lisa DuBois 


Curator - Lisa DuBois  

Richard Honeywell

Rev. Richard Honeywell, Associate Minister at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church and founder of African Journeys, will share insights on slavery from various travel experiences including the commonalities of sacred water traditions in our Diaspora

Gene Alexander Peters

Gene Alexander Peters is a cultural historian, educational consultant, and noted collector.

Gene designs and curates exhibitions and historical displays that visually and physically document the history of the African American experience in the Americas. Several of his collection artifacts have been featured at numerous landmark institutions and museums, including the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, NY and the Smithsonian Museum-Anacostia

in Washington, D.C.     



November -December



  Dudley Vacciana 


Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award

Dates: October - November , 2017 

Dudley VaccianaDudley VaccianaPainting & Hand blown glass

is a painter and jewelry artisan. He specializes in Painting on Hand blown glass. Dudley has exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. Dudley recently received a lifetime achievement award from X gallery.

Dudley Vaccianna Website

contact Dudley at (718) 781-6793 or contact x gallery

painting- Dudley Vacciana

from  The Dudley Vaccianna Collection 

recipient of the X Gallery Lifetime Artistic Achievement award - 2017.
Dudley lives and creates art in New York. His works are in major collections around the country and in the collection of the White House in Washington DC. His talents includes painting, drawings, , paintings on blown glass. His work, includes Caribbean, Latino and African themes.

Curator - Lisa DuBois  








Lisa DuBoisLisa DuBoisPhotography & Art

is a curator and photoartist , her work has been exhibited around the world and she is in the permanent collection of the Sutton gallery in New Orleans.
member of Enfoco
member of Harlem Arts Festival
Curator for X Gallery

Lisa DuBois website

photo - Lisa DuBois

title:  Puja, a ritual performed in India that involves invocations, prayers, chanting.





Dates: August 23rd-November 9th, 2017 

 “HOLY WATER -- The Spiritual Connection,” This collective of work explores subcultures hidden among mainstream cultural traditions through photography and art.

Featuring the photography of Lisa DuBois

 Lisa DuBois, photo-artist and curator , brings 3 local photographers-Eduardo Duarte, Burroughs Lamar, June De Lairre Truesdale to join her in exhibiting images of people in water rituals. 

Patricia Talbot -African Metal sculptures.

For ages, water has been the primary element used in religious rituals all over the world. In some cultures ceremonial water immersion is the vehicle that transports people to a place where they can communicate directly with God.

“This exhibition takes a closer look at how water rituals connect with Spirituality and community around the world, beginning with the Fire hose Baptism in Harlem to water rituals in Varanasi India. Now more than ever, the cultural connections present in Harlem are important to recognize as our community is changing.”

Curator - Lisa DuBois